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Jewelry Quality: What To Look For

Jewelry can be a great investment, offering people the chance to add a bit of elegance and beauty to any look. But it's important to ensure you're investing in quality jewelry that will stand the test of time. When shopping for jewelry, there are certain qualities to look for that will help ensure you get the best option available within your budget.

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When shopping for quality jewelry, you should look for items made of real gold alloys such as 10 karat, 14 karat or 18 karat gold. Sterling silver is another great option to look out for. Look for pieces with real gemstones if it is within your budget, and accurate engravings. Avoid plated jewelry, as it isn't built to last through generations - the plating can wear off over time which causes unsightly discoloration. Avoid the embarrassment when buying a gift for a loved one by purchasing a quality item that will last an entire lifetime, rather than a plated piece that will deteriorate overtime. 

Vintage and antique pieces are also great options when looking for quality jewelry items. Estate pieces often feature unique designs and detailing that are not available on modern pieces, as well as an intricate craftsmanship that comes from being handmade by skilled artisans in times gone by. They have proven to pass the test of time, and make a great addition to any appreciative persons collection.

In addition to finding quality pieces, you should also make sure your jewelry is well taken care of throughout its lifetime. Clean your piece regularly with a gentle cloth and make sure prongs are kept tight so your stones won't fall out. Additionally, take your piece into a professional jeweler every year for regularly worn items for maintenance checks and repairs if necessary.

By investing in vintage or estate pieces made from solid gold alloys or sterling silver, combined with regular cleaning and upkeep, you can ensure your quality jewelry looks beautiful and remains in great condition for many years to come!

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