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Jewelry Storage: What You Should Know

Jewelry can be an expensive and sentimental possession, so it’s important to store your pieces properly. Whether you have vintage estate jewelry or modern pieces, there are a variety of ways to keep them safe from damage and theft. From standard jewelry boxes to airline carry-ons and bank safes, there is something for everyone when it comes to storing their most treasured items. Read on for tips on how best to protect your jewelry collection!


Jewelry boxes are a great investment, especially if you have vintage or antique pieces. A jewelry box with a secure locking mechanism will keep your items safe from dust, dirt, and sticky fingers. Jewelry should also be wrapped in soft cloth when not in use to avoid tarnishing and scratches and should not be crowded in with other pieces. If you find that your jewelry is piling on top of each other, it may be time to upgrade to a bigger box. Keep in mind that not all jewelry needs the same storage: pearls need to be worn regularly as the oils produced by our skin keeps them in good condition, while opals may need some moisture content or you risk your stones cracking and losing their colorful vibrance. Ask your jeweler for advice on what’s best for each piece of unique jewelry upon purchasing.

Cedar wood jewelry boxes are a great choice because cedar wood is known to remove moisture from the air and helps prevent mildew and mold growth. For the average piece, looking for a box made from cedar wood is a great choice when it comes to avoiding moisture and protecting your pieces for years to come.

Finally, estate jewelry can be a great investment but it’s important to take measures to protect these vintage precious items. With proper storage and care, your jewelry can last beyond lifetime. Be sure to ask your jeweler for advice when purchasing new or vintage items on how best to store them for optimal protection.

When it comes to flying on an airplane, it’s best to take your jewelry as a carry-on item whenever possible. However, check with the airline to find out what their rules and regulations are before doing so.

Avoid moisture for most jewelry pieces and remember that pearls need to be worn every so often as the oils in your skin keep them looking fabulous. Wrap your items in a soft cloth when not in use to prevent dust accumulation that will cause a dullness on your favorite pieces. A jewelry box, safe with a secure locking mechanism or bank safe deposit box are all great ways to store valuable items securely depending on the type and value of items. Taking proper precautions helps ensure that you will be able to continue to enjoy your beautiful jewelry as time goes on!

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